Larry van Housen was born after a night spent dancing in a hotel room high up in the Alps when radio producer Tilmann Köllner and DJ Amin Fallaha played ping-pong with music until daybreak!

    “The biggest compliment is a dance-crazed crowd that soak up everything we inject through their ears into their limbs – from long-forgotten 70s soul hits to the latest underground track. When there’s no such thing as stopping!”
    – Amin Fallaha

    Everyone has experienced the moment with friends when a fabulous party emerges from nothing. In your own flat, in your favourite bar, on the beach or in a motorway lay-by on your way down south. Larry van Housen brings this moment to the dance floor. Every night is different. No rules apply. And there’s no fear of being embarrassed. It’s just the beat – and the stylistic sense of two friends who love music more than anything else in the world. 

    “On the radio everything is indirect and delayed. You only find out indirectly whether you’ve struck the right chord. And with Larry van Housen more than ever. Here we commit ourselves to the frenzy and celebrate boundless freedom. A vibrant dance floor is the best answer for all thinkers and style dictators. :)”
    – Tilmann Köllner